Hey, who says I couldn’t be a good salesman?  Of course, I’ll probably need some help from a few friends, but I can make it happen!

(( This apparently doesn’t show up on the Dashboard like everything else: click the small box to watch the animation!

Studying for finals is eating up a lot of my free time, but I did manage to find time last weekend to make a 3000 follower animation since I was getting close to that mark anyway.  So, thank you everyone for your incredible support: I never EVER thought this blog would accomplish so much in so little time!

Because YouTube was being silly and blocked this video in the USA thanks to this awesome music from this awesome show, I managed to figure out how to bring an SWF file into a Tumblr post as an alternative.  And with some help from my friend RecorderDude, there’s a small intro now for these animations!  Hopefully it’ll stick around for a while; I personally like it. :D

The main focus I had with this animation was an effort to animate in different art styles from within Flash 5 and try to keep on model, and also practice getting to animate with a song, which I haven’t done for a long while.  I like to think it worked out well, and I tried to get in as many Ask Pony Tumblr blogs as I could, even if they didn’t play an active part in the song.

Now, the list of blogs present (in order of apperance):

…and I think that’s all of them!  See if you can find everyone in this crazy thing, and also let me know if you liked this small animation and/or are having problems viewing it for some reason.

And with that, I’m going quiet until finals are over and I can get my life settled down again to make more STUFF.  Stuff stuff.  You know, the stuff that dreams are made of.  Or something like that. ))

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