Foiled again.

Pfft, the Super Bowl?  PLEASE!  Groundhogs are where it’s at!
I’m sure Twilight’s got a rulebook saying that too.

Pfft, the Super Bowl?  PLEASE!  Groundhogs are where it’s at!

I’m sure Twilight’s got a rulebook saying that too.

Whatever I wanted for Christmas seems to pale in comparison to what I ended up learning.

Ask Spike Da Dragon turned 2 today!

((Mod Note: Hey there everyone!  Finals and packing up for the holidays are really keeping me from doing anything else right now (I should be studying for Geology right now and getting the rest of my final rendered out, lol), so I apologize for having nothing to celebrate this momentous occasion with other then this boring cupcake thing Tumblr wanted me to post.  Come to think of it, I wonder how I ever managed to start this blog during finals week two years ago…

However, for those of you that are interested in this sort of thing, have a rough layout from a SDD entry you might recognize, some concepts from a scrapped SDD entry that never saw the light of day, and a month old Spike sketch as compensation!

Here’s links to high-def versions of the sketchbook pages too, if you can’t read them in the photoset that well: page 1 page 2

Take care everyone!  I’ll see what I can do about getting some new entries made once I’m on break!

Nick ))

It ain’t taking over a government, but it’ll do.

Only at Agrabah will you find fancy palaces, poor-as-dirt peasants, genies and dragon-themed amusement parks!

Also, Happy Thanksgiving!  Have a safe and joyful holiday, you crazy internet people!

All of my bones seem to be broken, but I can walk it off.  The excitement from opening up my ask box again and being ready to answer questions again is enough to heal these wounds!

I could also use some new questions too, since all the ones I have are over a year old and from back when everyone on Tumblr frolicked in fields, celebrated world peace, picked flowers and made potato salad for picnics.  So, feel free to ask me things again!

Also, a very heartfelt thank you to the gigantic amount of people who STILL followed my blog even after I retired it over a year ago.  Perhaps what I needed was less of a retirement from answering questions and more of a really long hiatus to help me feel refreshed again.  The fact you kept me on your follower list for over a year of me doing almost nothing means an incredible amount to me, showing that you really do care about what I do here.

Or that you just forgot to remove me, but I won’t get picky.  Again, thank you, and I hope you’ll stick around!  There’s so much yet for us to talk about!

Some ponies just don’t have a sense of humor.




Let me tell you about my dreams.

(( Well, it’s finally out.  Double Rainboom, in all of it’s entirety!

And thanks to the kindness of the director and all involved with this decision, Spike Da Dragon was allowed to make a cameo in this film.  See if you can find him!  And here’s the most helpful hint ever: he’s in one of the shots I worked on. ;)

As some of you may know, I was one of the animators on the film, and boy oh boy was this a fun project.  By far the biggest project I have ever worked on in my life, and one of the most ambitious.  I think that working on this film, getting to know the stellar crew I worked with and a workflow setup that was really close to how an actual studio would operate, really warped my mindset from “Oh, animation is just a hobby of mine!” into “Animation is what I do.  It’s what I want to make my profession and revolve my life around, it’s how I want to make my mark in history, and I intend to do whatever it takes to get there and have bundles of fun along the way!”

I guess me being involved with this film so much was also one of the many reasons why I initially pulled the plug on this blog, since I had to devote a lot of time to it like any other animated production of this magnitude.  Who knows though: with this gigantic weight now lifted off my shoulders as well, maybe fortunes will change for this blog.

Only time will tell, however.  School and paid work have gotta come first, after all!  Until that next update though, we go onwards!

Nick ))

I wonder if you get a discount at the ice cream shop down the street if you have a party bigger than 100…

((This wasn’t made in response to a question; rather, it’s simply a fun project I worked on over the past week with Ask Spiiike and Spike Replies.  We tried editing the audio to replace the “Billies” with “Spikes”, but that didn’t work out so well, so we left it be, haha.  It would be pretty hard to get a Billy West sound-a-like to fill the role quickly enough. :P

Anyways, here’s the list of blogs we worked to get in!  We tried to get as many blogs as we could into this, and also tried to get every blog featured a door and a drawn/animated cameo as well (we didn’t manage to get all of them a door though; sorry about that!), so see if you can find all of them!

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